children with special needs

In Uganda, Children with special needs are often seen as a curse. At CRANE we believe that they are special gifts from God to special parents and as such, they should be loved and cherished.

CRANE hosts a working group for organisations working with children with special needs. The group meets every 2 months to share ideas and challenges and to refer children to each other. In addition, the organisations work together to plan a Christmas Party and a ‘Paralympic’ Sports Gala for children with disabilities so that the children are able to compete on a level playing field against children from other places around the city.

Special Needs Quality Assurance and monitoring Initiative(SQUAMI):

The Special Needs Quality Assurance and Monitoring Initiative coordinated by CRANE is established to support the delivery of quality SNE & disability services. SQUAMI supports coordination of SNE & Disability services in Uganda. SQUAMI supports exiting SNE structures in assuring quality provision of SNE & Disability services through training Special needs teacher in best teaching practices, advocating for inclusive education through support in policy writing and petitioning. SQUAMI catalyzes the services of SNE in line with the government policy on Special Needs Education.

The Education Assessment and Resource center:

CRANE funded the revamping and staffing of the Education Assessment and Resource Centre which is under the management of Kampala Capital City Authority, supported by the Ministry of Education and Sports SNE Department. The Education Assessment and Resource Centre delivers assessments that determines educational needs and skills for entry into appropriate learning institutions, devise best strategies for optimal learning for example develop individual Education plans and Follow ups. The Assessment Centre also provides comprehensive information that enables parents, teachers, caregivers, and policy makers to make informed decisions about the future education of children.

According to UNICEF (2014) approximately 2.5 million Children in Uganda live with some form of disability. However, there is no data on the number of deaf children in Uganda or their literacy levels.
Here are some of our recent projects centred around children with special needs:


Children At Risk Action Network in partnership with Kyambogo university being represented by Dr. Sam Lutalo-Kiingi and Dr. Goedele from Belgium worked together to see the development of a reader for deaf learners in lower primary schools.

This work received funding from Torfs Shoe Company and Basisschool De Spruween Mechelen and the first installment was received on 28th November 2016, 2nd installment on 3rd February 2017 and 3rd installment on 21st March 2017

The reader was designed to increase availability of resources to support the literacy of deaf learners in Uganda. Ideas to design the reading resource were sought from pupils of two deaf schools; Mulago and Ntinda Schools for the deaf in Kampala city. The first draft of the book was piloted in the same schools in July 2017. A final copy of the reading resource was then reviewed and evaluated by a team at the National Curriculum Development Centre in September. Dr. Sam made changes recommended by NCDC and sent the final copy of the book to Fountain Publishers at the end of September. Fountain publisher used the month of October to print. The book was launched on 1 November.

Dr. Lutalo-Kiingi built on the already positive relationship he had with the schools for deaf children. It was easy to conduct a baseline study that informed the development of a book. Piloting the book in the two schools for the deaf was as easy because of the already positive relationship.



Children At Risk Action Network offers a sample of Girls who have disability and special educational needs, special needs bursaries which is designed to afford an opportunity to children with special needs who are financially challenged to advance in school after catch up at the CLC.